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The untold tale of A-10 devices in Operation Enduring Freedom reaches its end with this moment of 2 volumes targeting the categories wrestle missions in Afghanistan. that includes various first-hand debts and images from those that skilled the clash, besides imagery from professional army documents, this booklet bargains a different and precise perception into the list of the A-10 in a single of the twenty first Centurys most important conflicts. at first, the A-10 Thunderbolt used to be now not a favorite of the USAF, which, sooner than the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, hoped to shunt this chilly warfare relic onto the U.S. military and Marine Corps. yet on account that then the ‘Warthog, with its ambitious armament, ruggedness and adaptability, has regularly confirmed itself in strive against and developed into the worlds most advantageous shut aid airplane. In 2002 the Thunderbolt was once on the leading edge of Operation Enduring Freedom, the united states profession of Afghanistan.

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This allowed ‘Halo 11’ to fight off the surviving Taleban directly outside the building. As the fire decreased, the flight of A-10s made show-of-force passes to draw enemy fire (text continues on page 42). com A-10C 79-0122 of the 303rd EFS/455th AEW, Bagram AB, Afghanistan, April 2014 24 A-10C 78-0697 of the 75th EFS/455th AEW, Bagram AB, Afghanistan, February 2014 23 A-10C 81-0981 of the 74th EFS/455th AEW, Bagram AB, Afghanistan, September 2013 22 41 42 C H A P T E R T W O ‘CHARLIE’ IN COMBAT Once they had achieved this they used the firing points as further targets for their 30 mm guns, as Parvin explained; ‘As we were making our gun runs the Marines were preparing to go, but they had two wounded to deal with.

Through my HUD, I noticed the ridgeline in front of me was starting to sink a little bit, which meant I could probably clear it if I managed my energy just right – I decided to stick with the jet. When I passed over the ridgeline my radar altimeter hit 40 ft. Once on the other side of this mountain, I pushed forward on the stick, trading altitude for airspeed. Only then did I call out to my wingman, telling him what was going on. I also checked in with the ground forces to confirm that they weren’t taking fire any longer.

As I was watching the area the ground force caught up to my pod. They stopped near to the compound to take a break, sitting down in a tree line about 20 metres to the west of it. I continued to move the pod around their position, looking at their flank and then back to the compound. It was at this point that my flight lead came on the radio and told me to get ready to copy the grids for a fire mission. The army was going to carry out a HIMARS [High Mobility Artillery Rocket System] strike, and I was being told to stay three miles outside the weapons’ impact point.

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