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By Professor J. R. Trounce (auth.), Professor J. R. Trounce (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9401158967

ISBN-13: 9789401158961

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COlltrailldicatiollS alld side effects (see below). Reduced in comparison with other MAO inhibitors. Mebanazine Pharmacological actioll. Similar to phenelzine. Therapeutic use. Similar to phenelzine. Oral dose 5-20 mg a day given early and with latent clinical response as above. COlltraindicatiolls alld side effects (see below). Unsuitable with past history ofliver disease or with impairment of hepatic or renal function. Contraindications and side effects of MAO inhibitors. MAO inhibitors potentiate the action of the following drugs: sympathomimetic agents such as adrenaline, ephedrine and amphetamine derivatives; morphine, pethedine and cocaine; guanethidine, reserpine and other hypotensive drugs; antiparkinsonian agents and barbiturates.

Overdosage of tricyclic compounds. Caution is required in the use of these drugs in the elderly due to hypotensive side effects. Coma, respiratory depression, choreiform movements, convulsions, anomalies of cardiac conduction and hyperpyrexia may occur with toxic levels. Suicide is possible with as little as 4 g. of imipramine. MONOAMINE OXIDASE INHIBITORS HYDRAZINE DERIVATIVES Iproniazid Pharmacological actioll [IOJ. Absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the bloodstream and distributed to the tissues before reaching a high level in the brain, where it inhibits the oxidation of monoamines.

As morphine. Levallorphan Pharmacological action. A narcotic antagonist having similar effects to nalorphine but with a greater potency and longer duration of action. Small doses antagonise the respiratory depression of narcotic drugs larger doses also antagonising the analgesic effect. Therapeutic uses. Dose: 1-2 mg LV. with further doses as necessary. (o·oS-o·2S mg) of the infant. Contra indications and side effects. As for nalorphine. Phenazocine Pharmacological action. An analgesic of similar potency and actions to morphine.

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