A History of Modern Germany 1800 - 2000 by Martin Kitchen PDF

By Martin Kitchen

ISBN-10: 1405100400

ISBN-13: 9781405100403

ISBN-10: 1405100419

ISBN-13: 9781405100410

This attractive textbook offers a huge survey of recent German background from 1800-2000, and situates Germany’s fragmented earlier inside of its complete context. Kitchen:

  • Provides readers a protracted view of German historical past, permitting them to see continuities and adjustments
  • Covers the unification of Germany, the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, the 3rd Reich, the Federal Republic, the cave in of Communism, and the re-unification
  • Examines cultural historical past in addition to political and fiscal heritage
  • Includes assurance of neighborhood historical past instead of concentrating on the dominant position of Prussia

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They must be coerced into regarding themselves as belonging to Germany. Napoleon, Hegel’s “world spirit on horseback,” destroyed the old empire and inaugurated a new period in German history. Small wonder that Hegel stood in awe of the French emperor, as did so many of his great contemporaries, but his admiration remained on a lofty philosophical plane, and there were only a few opportunists and disgruntled ideologues who came to terms with the sordid reality of French domination. The empire was a ramshackle affair, but it had many virtues, and most found it far more congenial than revolutionary France.

The country was now divided between its western and eastern portions with their widely different cultures, traditions, and religions. It was imperative for the state to attempt to resolve these differences since such resolution, if successful, would necessarily lead to Prussian hegemony in GERMANY UNDER NAPOLEON 27 northern Germany. There were further far-reaching consequences of this settlement. The Rhineland was soon to prove to be the most valuable piece of industrial real estate in Europe, and was to be the basis of Prussia’s economic might.

But the reform was incomplete. The manorial estates retained many of their ancient rights and privileges within the context of a modern economic order. The reformers placed economic freedom above individual freedom. Land could be freely bought and sold. The power of the guilds was broken by the Trade Edict (Gewerbeordnung) of 1810. The legal distinctions between town and country were abolished. Church lands were secularized, and much of the royal demesne placed on the market. Hardenberg’s determined efforts to reform the tax system so as to make it both equitable and evenhanded were only partially successful.

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