A Polynomial Translation of Mobile Ambients into Safe Petri - download pdf or read online

By Susanne Göbel

ISBN-10: 3658117648

ISBN-13: 9783658117641

ISBN-10: 3658117656

ISBN-13: 9783658117658

The grasp thesis of Susanne Göbel generates the deep realizing of the cellular Ambient (MA) calculus that's essential to use it as a modeling language. rather than calculus phrases a way more handy illustration through MA bushes clearly maps to the applying quarter of networks the place approaches cross hierarchical security domain names like firewalls. The paintings analyses MA’s functionality ideas and derives a translation into secure Petri nets. It extends to arbitrary MA strategies yet finiteness of the internet and for that reason decidability of reachability is simply assured for bounded approaches. the development is polynomial in approach dimension and limits in order that reachability research is simply PSPACE-complete.

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It may still contain "lazy" leaves, that is leaves which start with an unproceseed restriction, ambient or parallel composition. But these peculiarities disappear automatically when we transform the tree into a process term. We must then also choose an order on each node's respective children. 1 we can take any choice because the resulting procesBeB are congruent to each other by the parallel composition's commutativity PIQ == QIP. We may discard the root now. 2 Recovering the Original Process Term The process rest(M) is already a correct rMA process.

S leaf may still use up to /'1, restricted names which were supplied to it 88 call parameters. However, it cannot already use c new names since a restriction vn is still present in the leaf and thus less than c restrictions were so far processed. Thus, at least one restricted name is unknown among all leaves and does not appear as link in the tree. 22 this name can be marked as unused immediately while maintaining the equivalence. 0 We now show that the marking after the processing of such a restriction is also in the same equivalence clMs.

And removing its complement token. nsition also goes from case 1 to case 1 now moving the token from aj -+ as to aj -+ ale. nsition requires case 1 on an ambient name a,; by the token on a. -+ a,l: and performs the change to case 2 by marking the name as free and replacing a. -+ a,l: by its complement place. nsitions perform a change within case 2 since they change the ambient's link from a,; to a". 2: The ambient spaWDer LIP] performs the step from case 2 to case 1. It occupies a so far unused name a;: and moves it under a" by removing the token on a,; -1+ a" and putting it on a,; -+ ale.

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