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O Br O [(Ph3P)CuH] 6, THF TL 1990, 31 , 3237 Silyl Hydrides - Hydrosilylation Et3SiH + (Ph3P)3RhCl (cat) - selective 1,4-reduction of enones, 1,2-reduction of saturated ketones to alchohols. O Et3SiH, (Ph3P)3RhCl (cat) O SiEt3 H3O + O TL 1972, 5085 J. Organomet. Chem. 1975, 94 , 449 O O O iPr3SiH, Et2O Si O 2 Pt 2 OSi(iPr)3 O JOC 1994, 59, 2287 O (87%) - Buchwald Reduction JACS 1991, 113 , 5093 - catalytic reagent prepared from Cp2TiCl2 + nBuLi and stoichometric (Et)3SiH in THF will reduce ester, ketones and aldehydes to alcohols under very mild conditions.

R R S R Raney Nickel R H R H (CH 2)n O R S 31 REDUCTIONS O O O O O HO 32 O HO Raney Nickel JOC 1987, 52, 3346 EtOH (74%) H S H S Homogeneous Catalytic Hydrogenation - catalyst is soluble in the reaction medium - catalyst not "poisoned" by sulfur - very sensitive to steric effects - terminal olefins faster than internal; cis olefins faster than trans R R > > R R R R > R R R > R R >> R R R - (Ph3P)3RhCl (Wilkinson's Catalyst); [R3P Ir(COD)py]+ PF6- (Crabtree's Catalyst) (Ph3P)3RhCl, H2 OH OH JOC 1992, 57, 2767 C 6H6 (92%) Directed Hydrogenation Review: Angew.

Org. Chem. 1987, 52 , 165 t-Butyldimethylsilyl Ether tBuMe 2Si-OR TBS-OR TBDMS-OR JACS 1972, 94 , 6190 - Stable to base and mild acid - under controlled condition is selective for 1° alcohols t-butyldimethylsilyl triflate tBuMe 2Si-OTf TL 1981, 22 , 3455 - very reactive silylating reagent, will silylate 2° alcohols cleavage: - acid - F- (HF, nBu4NF, CsF, KF) TBSO HO CO2Me HF, CH3CN CO2Me (70%) O OTBS O HO JCS Perkin Trans. 1 1981, 2055 t-Butyldiphenylsilyl Ether tBuPh2Si-OR TBDPS-OR ∑-OR - stable to acid and base - selective for 1° alcohols - Me3Si- and iPr 3Si groups can be selectively removed in the presence of TBS or TBDPS groups.

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