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By selecting other values for (Ji (see the algorithm). One such alternative is Bi-CGSTAB2 (see Gutknecht [115]); more general approaches are suggested by Sleijpen and Fokkema in [190]. Note that Bi-CGSTAB has two stopping tests: if the method has already converged at the first test on the norm of s, the subsequent update would be numerically questionable. Additionally, stopping on the first test saves a few unnecessary operations, but this is of minor importance. , two inner products more than BiCG and CGS.

Examples are a partitioning along lines in the 2D case, or planes in the 3D case. 3. On parallel computers it is natural to let the partitioning coincide with the division of variables over the processors. 2 CHAPTERS. PRECONDITIONERS Discussion Jacobi preconditioners need very little storage, even in the block case, and they are easy to implement.

BiCG does not minimize a residual, but often its accuracy is comparable to GMRES, at the cost of twice the amount of matrix vector products per iteration step. However, the generation of the basis vectors is relatively cheap and the memory requirements are modest. Several variants of BiCG have been proposed that increase the effectiveness of this class of methods in certain circumstances. These variants (CGS and Bi-CGSTAB) will be discussed in coming subsections. 6 Quasi-Minimal Residual (QMR) The BiConjugate Gradient method often displays rather irregular convergence behavior.

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